Origin of the Wreck Raiders

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Origin of the Wreck Raiders

Post by Eric_Crow on Thu Jul 14, 2016 11:07 pm

When looking for an organization to play Star Citizen, I was hard press to find one that perfectly aligned with my needs and schedule.  The first requirement was to have a community of mature gamers; my time is too valuable to entertain juvenile behavior.  Granted, maturity is not necessarily tie to age, but it improves the likelihood.  For this reason, member of the organization would need to be at least 18 years old.   Also most mature gamers have one thing is common – A life.  May it be family, career or academic; there is something that is taking priority over immersing themselves into a MMO.  This mean that sometime a player will need to bailout with little to no notice with a common understanding by the organization that real life comes first.  There are already some organization that are tailored for mature gamers, such at the INSUN and TOG, but I wanted something with a more narrowed focus.  For this reason, I decided to create my own organization.

The most trilling activity in Star Citizen for me is to explore a derelict ship in space.  For this reason, I wanted an organization with a focus on salvage.  However, finding those wreckages would be a very time consuming task.  With limited time for game play, the odd of fining such derelict would be difficult at best.  And if I do find one, I would rather explore it with teammates and share the experience, and profit.  One of the most anticipated activity in Star Citizen will be exploration.  Organization like XPLOR is a testament of that.  They have thousands casual members with an interest in fining a jump point and leaving their mark in this universe.  Establishing a network of affiliate explorers that would report finding, such as derelict ships, for a finder’s fee made sense.  Although they could sell this information to the local Trade and Development Division (TDD), affiliate explorers would have the alternative to share their information directly to their affiliate organization for a potentially greater profit.  This concept leaded me look-up the old English adage “finders, keepers”, which state:

One of the most common users of “Finders, keepers” involves shipwrecks.  Under international maritime law, for shipwrecks of a certain age, the original owner may have lost all claim to the cargo. Anyone who finds the wreck can then file a salvage claim on it and place a lien on the vessel, and subsequently mount a salvage operation. (Source: Wikipedia)

This statement made me envision a boarding party raiding a wreckage, hence came the name for the organization: Wreck Raiders. For the organization spectrum identifier WRECKRAIDERS was too long, for this reason I used WRECKAGE instead.

Most mature gamers have also somewhat of a schedule and can forecast they availability.  Often time, their play time will be in the evening or at night.  So coordinating members of the organization based on time zone needed to be considered.  Beside play time, the location of the members within the verse need to be accounted as well; it would be pointless to have the member of an organization come online at the same time, only to be scattered in every corner of the galaxy.  Hence came the concept of chapters, which are distinct unit of the organization that share the same rules of conduct and knowledge but centered around the same play time and a particular star system.    

I also believe that mining would be one of the more lucrative activity in the verse.  Both salvage and mining activities can be summarized by the same FIND => EXTRACT => PROFIT workflow but with a different duration.  For this reason, it made sense to had this activity to the organization’s curriculum, since the same network of affiliate explorers can report both salvages and mining opportunities to the organization.

This knowledge of reported discoveries will have to remain exclusive to the organization.  As such, a system must be in place to entrust members with this information.  Since trust only comes with time, new members would need to go through probation period before being considered a trusted agent of the organization.  To be deemed trustworthy, a probation member would need to be accepted by all the existing trusted agent of the chapter.  

I also expect that most of those findings will be in deep or lawless space; far from UEE control.  Following the “finders, keepers” adage, the Wreck Raiders would want to defend their claims.  This realization called for in-house security escort during operations.

Having chapters and trusted agents also mirror the structure of a motorcycle clubs, where the trusted agents are referred as patch members.  This realization crystalized the identity of the Wreck Raiders and provided direction for both the charter and branding of the organization.

If this sound like your type of organization; we are looking for additional mature gamers to join our ranks, either as affiliate explorers or main members.

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