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Wreck Raiders Charter

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Article 1 – Purpose Statement

The Syndicate of Wreck Raiders (hereinafter referred to as “the Syndicate”) is a member-owned cooperative formed to transact salvage, mining, and charting information; and scale up profits. The Syndicate’s primary goal is to create value for its members.

Article 2 – Ownership

Each patch member will have equal ownership of the Syndicate. Ownership provides voting rights at their respective chapter.

Article 3 – Structure

3.1 Board of Directors

The board of directors is composed of the presidents of each chapter and founding members. Each director of the board exercise a single vote. The board of directors:

Provides vision and guidance to the Syndicate
Maintain and update the charter of the Syndicate
Authorize the creation and dissolution of chapters
Dictate coordinated action by the Syndicate
Change to the charter and creation of new chapters requires unanimous vote from the board of directors. All other decisions requires majority vote from the board of directors. The president of the original chapter is the chairman at the board of directors’ meeting. In the event that the president of a chapter cannot attend the board of directors meetings; the vice president of that chapter will fulfill its duties. Founding members inactive for more than 30 days will be designated missing with suspended voting rights.

3.2 Chapters

Chapters are a subset of the Syndicate’s members which operates within, or near, a particular star system. Each patch member exercise a single vote within their respective chapters. The chapter:

Appoints and removes the management of the chapter
Accept new patch members in the chapter
Trial dissident members of the chapter
Acceptance of new patch members in the chapter requires unanimous vote from the chapter. All other decisions requires majority vote from the chapter. Any patch members inactive for more than 15 days will be designated missing with suspended voting rights.

3.3 Management

The management is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the chapters. The management is also responsible for accepting hang-around and prospect members within the chapter. The management positions include:

President – The president is the figurehead and spokesman of the Syndicate. The president is also the chairman at chapter’s meetings

Vice President – The vice president is the second in charge and fills in when the president is away. The vice president is responsible to carry on passed motion at the Syndicate’s meetings.

Secretary – The secretary keeps minutes of meetings, maintains the ledger of membership, records dates of significant event for the chapter and oversee the Syndicate’s knowledgebase.

Treasurer – The treasurer is in charge of bookkeeping for the Syndicate and records the Syndicate’s assets. The treasurer is also responsible to investigate financial fraud within the chapter.

Sergeant-at-Arms – The sergeant-at-arms is responsible of the security and enforces order within the chapter.

Election for the management positions are held on the first monthly meeting of every year, or when a position becomes vacant.

3.4 Membership

Founding Member – Original full members of the Syndicate. They share the same privileges as the patch members with the distinction that they are member of the board of directors and cannot be voted out of the Syndicate. Founding members are: ArchBishop, Cyber-Punk, and Eric Crow.

Patch Member – Full members of the Syndicate with voting rights at their respective chapter. They are the trusted agents of the Syndicate and have full access to the knowledgebase. Patch membership is awarded with a unanimous vote from the respective chapter. Failure to get majority vote from the chapter will be subject to expulsion of the Syndicate. Patch members are entitled to wear the Syndicate’s patch.

Nomad Member – Patch members of the Syndicate without voting rights at any chapters, unless by invitation. Although they remain trusted agents of the Syndicate and have full access to the knowledgebase, nomad member are free roaming and is not associated with any chapters. Nomad status is granted with majority vote from their local chapter.

Prospect Member – Full members of the Syndicate with no voting rights at their local chapter. Prospect members are under probation with access to the Syndicate’s knowledgebase.

Hang-Around Member – Affiliate members of the Syndicate. Hang-Around members are friendly to the Syndicate. They can participate as a finder for the Syndicate and collect finder’s fee, but cannot access the Syndicate’s knowledgebase.

3.5 Succession

In the event of the death of a member, any membership status and management position will be granted to the member’s inheritor.

Article 4 – Operations

4.1 Monthly Meeting

Each chapter will hold a monthly meeting. Every member of the chapter must make a best effort to attend the monthly meeting. When unable to attend, the member will send notification ahead of time to the Management. Path members unable to attend will also submit votes via proxy (i.e. another patch member) on announced motions.

4.2 Hours of Operations and Gatherings

Individual’s operations occur around the clock, but the chapter’s official joint operations and gatherings occurs at a predetermined time of the day.

4.3 Finders

Finder can claim any finding for themselves or share the information within the Syndicate from which they will collect a 10% fee on any revenue from finding and 5% of revenue from findings in a discovered system, so long at the information remains exclusive to the Syndicate.

4.4 Keepers

Information shared amongst the Syndicate can be exploited by the full members, but must pay the finder’s fee to the finder. In no circumstance shall the information be shared outside of the Syndicate; such action will result in a trial from the local chapter.

4.5 Revenue Sharing

During operations involving multiple ships, the revenue sharing must be weighted based on the class of ships involved and participation time. Revenue sharing amongst the crew of a Multi-crew ship is at the ship’s owner discretion.

4.6 Call to Arms

Full members can call members to arms to protect the Syndicate’s interests and assets. Any spoils of war will be divided amongst the Call to Arms participants.

Article 5 – Code of Conduct

Shall honor the “Finders Keepers” rule – The finder has first right of refusal
Shall treat others with respect
Shall not lie to members
Shall not steal from members
Shall not cheat members
Shall not engage in pirating or slave trading activities
Article 6 – Affiliation

Full members of the Syndicate can affiliate with sanctioned organizations which are social in nature and don’t conflict with the Syndicate’s interests. The following is a list of sanction organizations:

Any ship “Owner’s Club”
Brown Coats
Hanseatic Frontier Corporation
League of Extraordinary Citizens
Operation Pitchfork
TEST Squadron
Article 7 – Change to the Charter

Any changes to this charter requires unanimous vote from the board of directors.

Appendix: Change History

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